Kumpulan Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris Terbaru Terlengkap 2010

Selain Ungkapan Puisi Cinta Dalam Bahasa Inggris Dan Indonesia yang pernah sy tulis sebelumnya, Simak juga kata cinta romantis, Sms selamat pagi, SMS Cinta , kata rayuan cinta , kata-kata mutiara cinta buat kekasih .

Baca Kata Mutiara Tentang pesahabatan

Kali ini saya akan coba berbagi tentang puisi cinta bahasa inggris, kata-kata mutiara cinta dan kata romantis dalam bahasa inggris merupakan kata romantis untuk ungkapkan rasa cinta buat cewek. Dengan kata kata cinta berbentuk puisi bisanya akan lebih memikat cewek karena mengandung kata pujian buat cewek, namun perlu di sampaikan secara bijak tidak terlalu berlebihan kalau tidak ingin di bilang gombal, kata cinta atau puisi cinta lebih bertujuan bagaimana kata-kata mesra atau puisi cinta itu bisa menyenang sang kekasih dan tidak ada kesan digombali, kerena itu ucapkan kata-kata cinta atau puisi cinta dengan bijak

Thursday Afternoon

“But you’re not supposed to know,” he said.
“Yeah,” I sighed,
“but I just want to know a little,
like when you get a new book and you read the last page.
You know what the last page is going to be like,
but you don’t know the whole story;
you only have a little idea.”
He followed me to the bathroom, where I
started flossing my teeth, and he kissed me.
I let the white floss fall in my hand.
It was a good kiss,
not those quick kisses of good-bye when he leaves for work,
or the sloppy kisses when you are both
too busy to care how your mouth feels.
It was the kind of kiss that makes you
remember why you started kissing him in the first place.
And all at once you are not so afraid to grow old.

Love Of My Life

Here i am looking into the future
planning on how to get the picture
of love so pure that makes me so sure,
oh sweet love,like dew from above
coming down to sooth my wounds
and like the lark heralds daylight
that i may carry you beyond all bounds
to my hearts utmost delight.
This love,so blind and still so right
takes me through the darkest of nights
that i may awaken to find myself
as glorious as an elf
in this true picture of love
that is a gift from above.

by Olusegun Olaitan Agunbiade

A Burning Fire

In a silent breeze
A silent cry screaming wind
A wondering voice
From a old women
A silent
Delightful voice from
Someone who cares
A blind women
Senses her way through a narrow path
A winding willow near the bright blue

by Katherine Eillen Weisbrod

You’re here, But I’m afraid to speak

Such intelligence is intimidating.
Though I wouldn’t speak at such High level in your presence,
I feel something that I haven’t felt in centuries.
Your costume used to matter.
Your costume isn’t important anymore.
I’m looking into you now.
Yes I know your color, and I know your dreams.
Insane we might say, but we are afraid.
Such is divine to all.
And it’s oblivious in your world.
Only if you knew
How your words move through me..
Slow and cold.
How your windows pierce through screens and fake masks.
I would clap louder.. but My hands would Bleed.
Then Again..
You deserve such sacrifice.

by Kelly Emil Bergey

True Love

If I could show what a friend is all about…
I’d bring the necklace of trust and the
bracelet of respect.
If I could tell you what a mother ought to be
She’d wear dedication and strength as her
If I had to show you what a lover is…
I’d show you that honey can come from lips
and paradise can be felt with your body.
But if I had to show you what true love is…
I’d show you that loving someone more than
yourself can make the heart the whitest,
purest silk that has been purified ten
thousand times in the essence of love.

by Noan Ivette Olivera

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